The Titanic and her ill-fated maiden voyage have captured the imagination of people all around the world. Many books have been written and films made about the largest and most luxurious passenger ship of 1912. Modern cruise ships are much larger and some can carry more than 5,000 passengers. They are floating cities that offer all amenities to the heart’s desire and safety regulations have luckily been improved.

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However, the Titanic still fascinates young and old everywhere.  So much so, that a new Titanic is being created. The ship, which Australian billionaire Clive Palmer is planning to build in China, is scheduled to sail in 2018. Palmer said his ambitious plans to launch a copy of the Titanic and sail her across the Atlantic would be a tribute to those who built and backed the original. She will then take her maiden voyage retracing the original Titanic’s journey from Southampton to New York—minus the collision with the giant iceberg.
But how do the people of Southampton feel about all this? Three years after the centenary, RMS Titanic’s home port still suffers the consequences of the disaster which stole a generation of its men and boys. Out of the 1,314 victims, Southampton was home to 550 crew members who died on the White Star liner’s fateful crossing to New York.  No James Cameron-style romance happened here  – instead the city was the site of a very real and very painful tragedy. There are still many untold stories to be heard of about very ordinary men and women that should never be forgotten.

TITANIC II sunk even before her Maiden Voyage!

Clive Palmer has been described as an ‘eccentric billionaire’ who is known for bizarre publicity stunts such as the attempt to create a massive Jurassic Park style dinosaur theme park at his golf resort. In Australia he has gained a reputation for floating ambitious and unusual business ideas which he fails to see through. The Titanic II has been described as ‘a classic Clive Palmer announcement’  – and it looks like the Titanic II will remain his fantasy!
Evidence accumulated strongly suggesting that the project has been abandoned. In March 2015 Deltamarin designers apparently told an Australian Broadcasting Corporation journalist that works on the Titanic II project had been halted. Around the same time it was reported that no work had begun or been ordered in the Chinese shipyard where construction was to take place.  On 26th March 2015, the Blue Star Line trademark was listed as “abandoned”. The last update to the official website and media pages of Blue Star Line was entered over one year ago.
Seems Titanic II will never be launched!


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