Saxon Town of Hamwic

SeeSouthampton is pleased to announce a rare opportunity to stroll around the original Southampton, the Saxon Town of Hamwic, with guest guide Matt Garner, former Archaeology Officer with Southampton City Council and now working freelance.

It is thought that the Saxon Town lay in an area roughly from the present day football Stadium to St Marys Church, and inland from the water to the parks. The boundaries of the known town are continually being extended, and it has gradually emerged that Hamwic may well have been the largest and most important town in Saxon England, possibly with its own mint.
Matt and his colleagues have been working on excavating and sorting finds from sites here for over 20 years, much of it through “rescue” digs conducted before development. The walk will take around two hours, and will cover almost the whole area of the Saxon town. You will hear Matt’s personal experiences of the digs, as well as his expert appraisal of the results. At the end of the walk, at the offices below, he will also show us some items excavated from the area.
Please Note – to avoid disappointment, Matt has asked us to make it clear that there are no remnants of this town surviving above ground; speaking from our experience, this will not prevent Matt from thoroughly entertaining you.

It is suggested you wrap up for the walk, as when the sun goes down, the route can become pretty cold!

Like so many aspects of Southampton’s rich history this period deserves much greater celebration. We are delighted to help these dedicated experts in bringing the story of Hamwic to a wider audience.

Location: Unit 18 Melbourne Street (just south of the stadium) Southampton, SO14 5FB

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