Agincourt 600 – Southampton and the Hundred Years’ War

Agincourt 600 – Southampton and the Hundred Years’ War. St Crispin’s Day, 25th October 2015 marks the 600th anniversary of Henry V’s great victory at Agincourt.

‘The game’s afoot:
Follow your spirit; and, upon this charge
Cry ‘God for Harry! England and Saint George!’ William Shakespeare, Henry V

Follow in the footsteps of Henry and his army and discover Southampton’s many links with the battle and the wider conflict of the Hundred Years’ War. Commencing at the Bargate, where the conspirators of a plot to kill Henry V were beheaded, on this walk you will discover how Southampton’s defences were strengthened following a devastating French raid at the commencement of the war. Walk through the Gate that was the scene of departure of the Black Prince and his army prior to victory at Crecy in 1346, and where Henry V assembled what was to be the largest seaborne army up to D-Day in 1415.

Taking in views of Southampton Water, learn about the role of William Soper and the craftsmen who built many of the English navy’s mighty ships in Southampton, including Henry V’s Grace Dieu. Find out, where a young Margaret of Anjou rested before continuing her journey to Titchfield Abbey to marry Henry VI in 1445, where one of the conspirators was buried ‘head and all.’ Hear about the legendary role played by the Red Lion in the Henry V conspiracy, and visit the remains of Holy Rood Church – now a memorial to the Merchant Navy – where prayers were conducted for a successful campaign prior to the departure of Henry’s fleet to Harfleur.

Visiting towers, vaults and chapels not usually open to the public, the walk will last approx. 1 ½ hours.

The Agincourt 600 walk starts by the guarding Lions at the Bargate.

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