Did you know that during the bombing of the Spitfire Factory in Woolston cialis generique pour femme generic levitra on 26TH September 1940 a Polish Squadron intercepted the raiders and claimed three victories!

That afternoon 67 Luftwaffe aircraft, HE 111’s, JU88’s and single engine ME 109 fighter escorts, assembled over Brittany and headed for Southampton water and the River Itchen. By tea-time they had delivered a “pattern bombing“attack on Woolston Supermarine works which largely destroyed it. Fortunately only cialis explication three incomplete Spitfires were lost but thirty people were killed, mainly workers on their way home. For some reason the sirens did not sound until 4.00pm and many did not have time to reach the shelters.

Only attacked on the way in by anti-aircraft fire, four squadrons were scrambled to pursue the departing bombers. Amongst http://www.cialisgeneriquefr24.com/cialis-generique-pour-femme/ these was 303 Polish Squadron who were being levitra from uk mexico inspected by the King at their Northolt base when the alarm sounded. The Poles were a crack squadron largely composed of Polish exiles with great experience of fighting the Nazis over their home soil.

303 Squadron claimed to have the highest “kill” rate of any allied squadron during cialis generique the Battle of Britain, later confirmed to be just short of 60 would be invaders. They were, at the time flying Hawker Hurricane fighters but as production of the Spitfire increased, they were eventually re-equipped with Spitfire MK 1s in January 1941.


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